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I’m so happy we have found each other! My name is Lea, and I’ve worked with families for over 30 years as a social worker, parent coach and researcher, but my most rewarding and challenging job EVER was raising my two daughters (now in their 30’s). As a mother of gifted children, I felt like I was basically “flying blind” trying to meet their unique educational, social and emotional needs. It is now my mission to let you, as a parent of a gifted daughter, know that you’re not alone, that parenting gifted girls is an incredibly special experience and can be very fulfilling but also, at times, extremely challenging, and that, working together, we can achieve your parenting ideals. My goal is to empower you as a parent, create more joy on your parenting journey, and, through our collaboration, help your daughter thrive.

I invite you to learn more About Me and the work I do, how we can work together, and read some (hopefully) helpful information and resources that I share on my blog. If you would simply like to reach out and discuss an issue related to parenting gifted daughters, I’d be happy to schedule a free 20-minute conversation. Thank you again for stopping by, I look forward to meeting you!

~ Lea


“In-Sync”: The Power of Tribe – A Perspective on Giftedness

This piece was written as a part of IG’s Writing Month, and will appear in the upcoming IG Writing Month Compilation: Embracing the Gifted Quest   An Outside-the-Box Definition of Giftedness Mothers of gifted “plumb the depths of the gifted experience” (to borrow a phrase from Dr. Linda Silverman)[1]. This is from both personal experience […]

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No Fear Parenting

I am the mother of two adult gifted daughters as well as a social worker and parent coach….and I’ve recently conducted a study of mothers of gifted daughters, interviewing 43 mothers and 20 adult daughters. As part of this study, I’m trying to stay current with the latest “raising your gifted child” books and so […]

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Positive Parenting Disintegration

The speaker at the Mothers’ Symposium at Stanford University in 2009 touched a nerve. Karen Maezen Miller, author of Momma Zen, stated that her whole life seemed to start shortly after her daughter was born but the one word that stuck in her mind after giving birth was “Stanford.” The mothers in the audience responded […]

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Girl With Sun Light

Appreciative Inquiry…A somewhat formidable label for a magical change process

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a rather awkward term used to describe a powerful model based on asking positive questions to bring about desired change. AI holds that questions and dialogue about strengths, successes, values, hopes and dreams are themselves transformational—to both the parent and the coach! Therefore, throughout the coaching process, parents can shift their […]

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