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“In-Sync”: The Power of Tribe – A Perspective on Giftedness

This piece was written as a part of IG’s Writing Month, and will appear in the upcoming IG Writing Month Compilation: Embracing the Gifted Quest   An Outside-the-Box Definition of Giftedness Mothers of gifted “plumb the depths of the gifted experience” (to borrow a phrase from Dr. Linda Silverman)[1]. This is from both personal experience […]

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No Fear Parenting

I am the mother of two adult gifted daughters as well as a social worker and parent coach….and I’ve recently conducted a study of mothers of gifted daughters, interviewing 43 mothers and 20 adult daughters. As part of this study, I’m trying to stay current with the latest “raising your gifted child” books and so […]

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Positive Parenting Disintegration

The speaker at the Mothers’ Symposium at Stanford University in 2009 touched a nerve. Karen Maezen Miller, author of Momma Zen, stated that her whole life seemed to start shortly after her daughter was born but the one word that stuck in her mind after giving birth was “Stanford.” The mothers in the audience responded […]

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