Research Study

In addition to parent coaching, I am passionately interested in research relevant to giftedness and parenting. To improve my coaching practice with parents of gifted children and, hopefully, contribute to the relevant knowledge base, I am currently conducting an in-depth qualitative study of mothers of gifted adult daughters. This study involves interviewing mothers of grown gifted daughters, focusing on the positive moments, greatest learnings, successful practices and effective sources of support these women discovered while raising their girls. Part of this study also includes a sample of the adult daughters to record their thoughts about what they believe worked best to nurture their genius growing up.

The wisdom of these women (whose confidentiality will be protected) will then be shared with mothers currently raising gifted girls. I feel that by authentically sharing our stories as mothers of the gifted, future generations can benefit from our expertise and society’s ability to “nurture genius” will be enhanced. I also strongly believe that the voice of these “successful” mothers of gifted daughters needs to be heard and documented.

For any questions regarding this study, please contact me.