Parent coaching involves developing a supportive relationship in which we collaborate to help your parenting goals become a reality. Specifically, we will use a strength-based approach to:

  • Identify the unique characteristics of your gifted daughter,
  • Maximize the positives and strengths of your unique parenting style to help your daughter thrive
  • Tap into your inner wisdom (because no one is more of an expert about your child than you)
  • Foster your self-care, which is critical to meet the challenges of parenting a gifted child
  • Identify resources and sources of support for both you and your child
  • Address your child’s unique social, emotional, and behavioral issues

 Individual Coaching:

  • 60-minute phone call
  • E-mail follow-ups highlighting key points of the session
  • One short follow-up phone call as needed between sessions
  • Unlimited email availability
  • Recommendations on research, literature and other resources

 Coaching Small Groups:

For small groups of parents of gifted children who can gather either in person or over a Telebridge line for a 60-minute group conversation

  • Email follow-ups highlighting key points of the session
  • Unlimited email availability between sessions for all group members
  • Recommendations regarding relevant literature, research and other resources


Presentations or workshops are available for groups of parents (and/or professionals serving gifted individuals) upon request.

Some topics might include:

  • Appreciation Inquiry and giftedness
  • Awareness of how one’s past impacts parenting and teaching
  • Parenting gifted females in a non-intellectual, sexist culture
  • Personality and Parenting Styles
  • Positively disintegrating to become the authentic parent you’ve always wanted to be

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